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Terms & Conditions.

1. By agreeing to have work carried out by Flatpack Group Limited you are agreeing to the charges applied by Flatpack Group Limited to carry out work at the address(es) you have specified in advance.

2. Failure to stick to the agreed time and date of appointment will incur a call out charge of £25.

3. Additional work may be carried out at the property at the customers request, this will however incur additional charges for any assembly that wasn't already agreed.

4. All boxes must be on the same floor as the furniture is to be built. Boxes may be moved between floors by the representative of Flatpack Group Limited at his or her discretion. This will incur a charge of £3 per box.



9 Elm Grove Arnold Nottingham NG5 8BN



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5. Any appointment may be cancelled more than 24 hours before the arranged date and time without penalty. if under 24 hours this will incur a call out charge of £25.

6. A failed job due to no fault of Flatpack Group Limited or it's representatives will incur a call out charge of £25.

7. It is the customers responsibility to ensure parking is available or a parking permit is available. If a representative of Flatpack Group Limited is to pay at a meter for parking, this parking charge will be repaid by the customer at the time of arrival.

8. Any personal information held by Flatpack Group Limited will not be shared with any 3rd party sites or businesses.