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 Our pricing system is slightly different to so many other companies. Instead of us charging an hourly rate we have fixed pricing right from the start, this way, you know how much you will have to pay from the initial point of contact.

This does vary from retailer to retailer as they all build in different ways, but we've found our system works to deliver the best pricing possible to our customers, and every assembly comes with a 12 month assembly guarantee!

IKEA furniture - Pricing here works on a percentage of the retail value of the furniture. For example, a 3 meter sliding door wardrobe from IKEA could cost £1,280. Our assembly fees would be just £256. Another example would be a coffee table from IKEA that costs £14. Our assembly fees would be £2.80!

Very/ Littlewoods Furniture - This furniture is slightly different, so we get rid of the percentage system and charge flat rates for each piece of furniture, so an example here would be a 5 door wardrobe from Very costing £449, Our fees for this one would be £60. A similar wardrobe from Littlewoods would be £80.

Our pricing system