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Whilst we aren't the IKEA assembly company, we've built enough furniture to be better flat pack installers! Not only have we assembled IKEA furniture, but also for the other major retailers including Argos, Very, Littlewoods and NEXT to name a few! Our Services focus around the assembly of flat pack furniture, and making the day as stress free for customers as possible. In rare cases we find issues where delivery has caused minor damage to the furniture. In these cases we can usually repair damages on the spot completely free of charge. It's just our way of helping our customers - Who, in turn, help us to grow as a company. In those few cases we can't offer a repair, we are able to offer advice to ensure you, as our valued customer are getting the best service possible.

When it comes to wall fixings, there are many different combinations to be used depending on the item being attached, the weight of the item, the type of wall... We carry wall fixings and attachments to cover almost all eventualities, but should a situation arise where we don't have the correct fixings, we can pop to the nearest store to purchase them, and return to finish the job the same day if at the customers convenience. We will never finish a job that is only half done.

Garden furniture assembly

Our Services

Flat Pack Assembly

On top of our furniture assembly, our team of assemblers is equipped to wall mount almost anything, perhaps you've just a small mirror that you'd like on the wall, no problem! Or maybe, a little more advanced, you've been to IKEA and and decided you'd like the Besta wall mounted TV surround? We can do that too! And we do so while making as little mess and disruption as possible.

Wall Fixings

Most garden furniture is quick and easy for us to assemble, however some products are a bit larger, think, children's climbing frames. In these scenarios it will take 2 people to assemble the products to ensure it is done so safely. If you have a climbing frame, please use the contact form provided on the contact page and be sure to send a link to the product so we can accurately quote for the task.

Maintenance work