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The Home Of Furniture Assembly

Here at FlatPack Group we strive for perfection. It's something we've done for years now, allowing us to really understand how Flatpack furniture goes together. 

We know furniture isn't cheap, and it always breaks at the least convenient time. Our dedicated team of assemblers are able to assemble any piece of home furniture. Giving your furniture the long life it deserves, say goodbye to wobbly wardrobes and broken beds.

Living Room

Name the furniture and we're ready to assemble, new coffee table from IKEA? Finished it. TV bench from Next? Done. Argos' entire collection of living room furniture? Completed it mate.

No matter what you throw at us, not only can we get it assembled for you, but we can get it done in record time causing minimal disruption to your day.


There is nothing quite like sitting down as a family for a good meal at the end of a long work day. We can't make the meal for you, but we can at least ensure you're comfortable while dining. No wiggling chairs or wobbly table legs, it's been a tough day! We want you to enjoy your evening.

We'll have display cabinets affixed to the wall where required, along with

Astoria Extending Table & 6 Rio Chairs.jpeg

Astoria Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs


Arabelle sliding wardrobe from Very

The best way to ensure your wardrobe lasts, is to anchor it to the wall. This ensures minimal movement over the course of time, helping to prevent loosening screws. We have attached thousands of wardrobes and cabinets to walls, we carry a variety of wall fixings to ensure we can always get the best possible results on the day.

We take the same approach with any other furniture you may have, chests of drawers and bedsides, even high sleepers where needed, nothing is too much trouble, and safety first!

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