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So let's talk about FlatPack Group, where did we come from? What drives us? Where are we going in the future?

FlatPack Group started in 2015 when a single assembler joined one of the IKEA Home Assembly Service Providers, through much blood sweat and tears, we managed to memorise the instructions to over 200 products, diagnose issues on the spot and fix them, and truly begin to love the work we do.


We worked with multiple contractors assembling a huge variety of furniture further expanding our knowledge and beginning to really understand what makes furniture stay together. These days we are driven by a combination of love 


for the work that we do and customer satisfaction. We all vowed to not work for another company where we felt disposable, and so our team have settled here at FlatPack Group, where we enjoy what we do, and feel Valued as assemblers.

Our future goals are to delve into sales of furniture providing the assembly service ourselves alongside the sale. We've spent a long time building different kinds of furniture, we've assembled some of the best quality furniture and some of the worst. We know what we are looking for in terms of quality and ease of assembly, for us it's important to find the right manufacturer so that our products can reflect our passion for furniture.

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