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so what does all this cost??

At FlatPack Group, we pride ourselves on being competitive when it comes to pricing without sacrificing safety nor quality. We have 2 pricing systems, used for separate retailers.

IKEA is a little more complicated with an a la carte style list. Having worked with the IKEA stores for a number of years, we've been able to really get to know these products, so we can offer an assembly price to rival their own in house assemblers at TaskRabbit without compromising the quality our clients have grown accustomed to. Just check the list to the left or click here to get in contact with us.

2 drawer chest 

3 drawer chest 

4 drawer chest 

5 Drawer Chest 

8 Drawer Chest 

Tv Bench 

Kallax Unit 

Dining Table with or without chairs 

Standard desk 

Desk with add-on unit 

Bed Frame 

Bedframe with storage

Single Wardrobe 

Pax hinged door combination wardrobe 

​Pax Sliding door wardrobe







£14 - £40

£10 - £63


£17 - £23


£29 - £43

£56 - £74


£112 - 225


​£125 - £155

What about other retailers??

The pricing becomes simpler with other retailers. We take the retail price of the furniture, and charge 20% for the assembly with a fixed £25 booking fee that will be refunded if cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the assembly. This means that if you spend £400 on a wardrobe, the assembly would be £105 total. That is £80 for the assembly fee, plus the £25 booking fee. Once again, please feel free to contact us if you wish to have a written quote before-hand.

Arabelle sliding robe - Very.jpg

Very - Arabella sliding door wardrobe, £104.80 to assemble​.

Argos Habitat Freja Metal Bed Frame.jfif

Argos - Habitat Freja Metal Bed Frame, £39 to assemble.

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